Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: What's the loan amount limit?

A: No more than $500. Usually we will lend $200-400 for a first loan.

Q: What kind of rates can I expect to pay? If I have good credit will I pay less?

A: Everyone, regardless of their credit, pays 15%.

Q: Do I have any way of cancelling a loan?

A: Even if you have already received the funds, you can cancel your loan in the first 2 days.

Q: Are you going to look at my credit report?

A: We look at everyone's credit report once we get an acceptable screen capture.

Q: Can you tell me why I was declined for a loan?

A: Yes, we can usually tell you why you were declined. Contact us directly for details.

Q: How many loans can I take out at once?

A: We'll only issue one at a time.

Q: Where else do you operate?

A: Our very first location was in Vancouver, and after expanding throughout British Columbia and then the rest of Canada, we now have a presence in every US state where payday loans are an option.